John Elway Harley-Davidson® - Tire & Wheel Protection

What is a tire and wheel protection Contract? 

Tire and Wheel protection is a product that replaces your tires and or wheels upon accidental damage due to road hazards such as potholes, nails, and other dangerous conditions.  Tire and Wheel protection can be purchased for a term of 36-84 months and offers riders a piece of mind knowing they'll not have to pay out of pocket should they have a damaged wheel or tire during the coverable period.  

Why would I need tire and wheel protection?  

The reality is you might not need tire and wheel protection, but if you do; you'll be glad you have it.  Tire and Wheel protection is best suited for those riders who have an expensive brand of motorcycle like Harley-Davidson.  On premium motorcycles, the cost of replacing tires and or wheels can be exorbitant and out of reach for the average rider.  Tire and wheel coverage can ensure none or very little out of pocket expense should both tires and wheels be damaged due to road hazard and need replacing.  

Where can I purchase Tire and wheel Protection?  

John Elway Harley-Davidson offers tire and wheel protection upon the purchase of a qualifying new or pre-owned motorcycle.  If you've already purchased your motorcycle and wish to add tie and wheel protection, you may be eligible to purchase this product.  A tire and wheel inspection is required and must conclude that the covered tire and or wheel is in perfect working order and free of defects or damage.  


Tire and wheel protection only protects the exact motorcycle under contract.  Tire and wheel protection does not transfer from bike to bike.  Tire and wheel protection will not cover tires that have a tire tread depth of 2/32nd's or less.  The contract does not cover normal wear and tear or cosmetic damage.  Other restrictions apply, inquire with our business managers. 

If you haven't got Tire and Wheel Protection with us, you can still visit our Motorcycle Tire page to find a new set of tires.