How to Test Ride a Motorcycle

How to Test Ride a Motorcycle

If you are thinking about purchasing a new motorcycle with John Elway Harley-Davidson, we encourage you to schedule a free demo ride. A demo ride will allow you to get a better feel of the bike in action to ensure its performance meets your standards.

As Northern Colorado’s only MSRP Harley dealer we are your go to spot for new motorcycles. To ensure your buying experience is as transparent as possible, we are pleased to offer demo rides. John Elway Harley-Davidson has all your tips for test riding a bike before you ride it off the lot. 

What to Look for When Test Riding a Harley-Davidson

Before you hop on the bike we encourage you to visually inspect it. Check out all body features to look for any imperfections to take note of. Once you do this you are ready to hop on. When you sit down, feel the riding posture and handlebar height. Ask yourself if this position is comfortable over a long period of time or even for short distances. 

After the initial inspections you are ready to start the engine. A cold start is important to know the condition of the engine. You want to be sure there are no delays or weird noises which will indicate engine issues. Now that the motorcycle is on, check all lights and signals to ensure they are working properly. 

Before you are ready to ride off, you will need to check the clutch and levers. Adjust everything to your hand size and make sure you can easily reach them. After all of these steps, you are ready to start your demo ride. Take the bike for a full speed ride to ensure it works in all gears. See how it brakes quickly and at normal speeds. It is also vital to listen for any engine noises.

These steps will give you a better understanding of how you are able to interact with the Harley-Davidson.

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