How to Ride Safely as a Passenger on a Motorcycle

How to Ride Safely as a Passenger on a Motorcycle

As a passenger on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle you play an active role in the success of the ride. A safe ride hinges on proper form and knowledge of the bike. The team at John Elway Harley-Davidson wants to ensure that all riders in the Northern Colorado area can safely enjoy the roads. Check out our guide to be a safe passenger. 

Proper Attire

Before you get on a Harley-Davidson, you want to ensure you are dressed appropriately. Wearing the right gear is a proactive step to take in your safety as a passenger. One of the most important elements of safety gear is your helmet, which can protect your head, face and skull. 

Next, you want to ensure you are wearing thick clothing. Heavy jackets and pants will protect your skin from the wind while riding and in case of falling. We also recommend wearing boots to feet and ankles from the hot pipes of the bike as well as helping you when the bike is stopped. 

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Correct Riding Posture

Riding a Harley-Davidson requires proper balance and posture. Moving in sync with the operator is going to be a key element of your ride, so be sure to get close enough to the front rider that you can feel what they are doing. To keep the balance of the bike, you will need to lean with them on turns and remain upright when the bike is going straight. Be sure to hold on tightly to remain secure. Remember to stay calm and enjoy the ride.

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Whether you are a first time rider or looking to level up your bike safety, we encourage you to check out our Riding Academy. Our team is here to encourage safe riding practices for all Harley-Davidson owners and passengers in the Greeley, Milliken, and Johnstown areas. With any further questions do not hesitate to contact us online.

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