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Harley-Davidson® exhaust or pipes

If you're looking for new louder or cooler pipes for your Harley, John Elway Harley-Davidson® in Greeley, Colorado is the best place to go.  There are several options with Harley-Davidson performance enhancements and a new exhaust is just one of them.  

I've heard of the stages for Harley-Davidson motorcycles like stage one, stage two, etc. What are they?  

To the right, you'll see an excellent illustration of what the Harley-Davidson stage upgrade kits are.  In general, horsepower and torque go up the higher the stage.  For stage one, you're going to improve the airflow of the motor using a better air cleaner, a larger less restrictive exhaust, a tuning device, and a dynamometer machine.  Our expert technicians will combine these elements in order to increase your performance by a good 10-20% depending on the components.  

Located in colorado

John Elway Harley-Davidson is in the state of Colorado and located in Greeley, CO. John Elway Harley-Davidson is the best place for Harley-Davidson parts, accessories and service.  

Greeley harley-DAvidson has pipes and exhaust for harley-Davidson motorcycles

If you're looking for Vance & Hines, Rinehart, Acropovik, Basani and Thunder Header pipes.  

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