About John Elway Harley-Davidson® | Greeley, Colorado

About John Elway Harley-Davidson®

Welcome to John Elway Harley-Davidson®!

John Elway Harley is well known as a place to be social as well as a place to buy a Harley-Davidson®.  We have friends who come here every Saturday just to see each other.  We love the fact that our customers feel comfortable enough in our store to hang out and relax.  Having served the Northern Colorado community for over 50 years, we know who we are.  We embody the hard work culture of our community and we will go the distance to make your motorcycle experience everything it should be.  Friendly people, working hard to make you happy is what you'll find at John Elway Harley-Davidson.

Being "friendly" sounds simple, but sometimes stating the obvious is the best way to deliver a message.

We are here to take away the fear of the unknown for new riders. The H-D® lifestyle is a really hip, fun, and social group that is very welcoming to newcomers. When we say friendly, we mean you'll never come here and catch a bad attitude from our people.  We want you to remember how you felt when you were here and we want that feeling to be good. Not only do we pride ourselves on our friendly customer service, but we are also proud of our incredible service and Tire Protection schemes that new Harley® owners could be eligible for when purchasing a new motorcycle.

About the Name

John Elway is a legend having played professional football as the quarterback of the Denver Broncos his whole career.  As a 2 time Superbowl winner, John Elway, and his teams are all driven by the desire the be the best in the league.  Come feel the John Elway Harley-Davidson difference.  

John Elway Harley-Davidson® is conveniently located in Weld County of  Northern Colorado near the areas of Greeley, Loveland, Fort Collins, Longmont, Boulder, Westminster, Denver, and Aurora.