1,000 Mile Service

1,000 Mile Service

Have you been wondering at what rate you should be taking your Harley-Davidson in to get serviced? If so, our team at the John Elway Harley-Davidson service center in Greeley is onhand and ready to help with all of your ownership needs, including routine maintenance at the recommended intervals. The first being at the 1,000-mile mark.

What Does the 1K Mile Service* Interval Include?

  • Check operation of electrical equipment and switches
  • Check front tire pressure, inspect tread
  • Check front wheel spoke torque (if equipped)
  • Inspect front brake fluid level
  • Check DOT 4 front brake fluid for moisture
  • Adjust steering head bearings
  • Check upper and lower switch housing screw torque
  • Check clutch lever handlebar clamp screw torque
  • Check master cylinder handlebar clamp screw torque 
  • Replace engine oil and filter 
  • Clean and inspect oil cooler
  • Replace primary chainstay lubricant 
  • Replace transmission lubricant 
  • Inspect oil lines and brake system for leaks, contact or abrasion
  • Inspect fuel lines and fittings for leaks, contact or abrasion
  • Inspect rear brake fluid level
  • Check DOT 4 rear brake fluid for moisture 
  • Flush brake and clutch systems and replace DOT 4 hydraulic brake and clutch fluids every two years or sooner if moisture content is 3% or greater
  • Inspect brake pads and discs for wear
  • Check front axle torque
  • Inspect and lubricate jiffy stand 
  • Check clutch adjustment 
  • Check, adjust and lubricate brake and clutch controls
  • Check rear wheel spoke torque (if equipped)
  • Check rear tire pressure, inspect tread
  • Check rear fork spacer bolt torque
  • Inspect drive belt and sprockets, adjust belt
  • Check rear axle nut torque
  • Inspect exhaust system for leaks, cracks and loose or missing fasteners or exhaust shields 
  • Check battery, terminal torque and clean connections annually
  • Replace spark plugs every two years or every 30,000 mi, wherever comes first
  • Road test to verify component and system functions 

*Based on 2020 Softail® Motorcycles 

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If you are in need of a service appointment, please contact us online or over the phone to get started. At John Elway Harley-Davidson, we serve riders throughout the Rocky Mountain region. 

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